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Disney with a splash of Feminism!
I'm Lisa. I am a masters student in history who is a bit too obsessed with the Disney princesses. I am a staunch feminist and The Little Mermaid and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are my favorite films. I am interested in labor laws/politics, women's rights, US history (thesis focuses on the American Revolution), and Disney. This is also my personal blog.

favorite books on sexuality.

One of my followers asked me for books on sexuality and heterosexism/homophobia. Surprisingly I don’t own books about heterosexism/homophobia. Most of the information I have about that comes from feminist and queer activist blogs. Most of the books I own on sexuality are history books. So I am going to break this list down into 3 categories. One is going to be on sociology/theory driven books on sexuality, history books on sexuality (US and Europe. It’s all I study), and LGBT history. 

Sociology/Theories about Sexuality:

History of Sexuality

LGBT History

These are only a fraction of the books on sexuality and LGBT history out there. The books on sociology/theory are a good starting point to find more research done on the topic. The books on LGBT history are also a good starting point. The books I own on sexuality (minus LGBT history) mostly focus on Colonial America because that is the time period I most often study. There are many books on the topic for 19th and 20th Century US history and Intimate Matters is a good intro book to the topic. 

date: July, the 3rd in 2011.
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tags: history. lgbt history. sexuality. theory. books.

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