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I'm Lisa. I am a staunch feminist who loves Snow White & Ariel a bit too much. Take that for what you will.

favorite books on sexuality.

One of my followers asked me for books on sexuality and heterosexism/homophobia. Surprisingly I don’t own books about heterosexism/homophobia. Most of the information I have about that comes from feminist and queer activist blogs. Most of the books I own on sexuality are history books. So I am going to break this list down into 3 categories. One is going to be on sociology/theory driven books on sexuality, history books on sexuality (US and Europe. It’s all I study), and LGBT history. 

Sociology/Theories about Sexuality:

History of Sexuality

LGBT History

These are only a fraction of the books on sexuality and LGBT history out there. The books on sociology/theory are a good starting point to find more research done on the topic. The books on LGBT history are also a good starting point. The books I own on sexuality (minus LGBT history) mostly focus on Colonial America because that is the time period I most often study. There are many books on the topic for 19th and 20th Century US history and Intimate Matters is a good intro book to the topic. 

date: July, the 3rd in 2011.
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tags: history. lgbt history. sexuality. theory. books.

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