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I'm Lisa. I am a staunch feminist who loves Snow White & Ariel a bit too much. Take that for what you will.

[Badass] Woman of the Day

So I am thinking about doing a “badass woman of the day” post on here. The idea came about because I was thinking about what my douche of a professor said about how women don’t have a history prior to the 20th century (it’s bullshit, btw). He might as well have just come out and said “women didn’t do anything important prior to the 20th century so we don’t discuss women’s history.” That is also crap. Then I was also thinking about what I would do if for some reason I don’t stay in academics after I get my PhD. Public history is something I am interested in especially because I believe learning about history is incredibly important and history shouldn’t just be the stories of old dead white men. So, in theory, once a day I am going to post about a woman in history from antiquity to present (Palin won’t make the cut; I am sure you are all disappointed). I am also accepting submissions if there is are any women you want to see posted that I haven’t posted about. So, what do you all think?

date: June, the 28th in 2011.
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tags: history. post of the day. women's history.

  1. iwokeuplikedissss said: Yes!definitely like this idea!
  2. yanettramirez said: YES!!!!
  3. ancientbruises said: YES.
  4. gedenkenbrauchtwissen said: yes please. i don’t have enough time left at school to take a women’s history course and it’s never offered anyway at my school. please do, there’s so many women i don’t know about and it makes me sad.
  5. forumgamer said: Sounds like a great idea! :) I’ve tried something similar, “Women in History”, I only got 4 entries done so far, though: Eleanore of Aquitaine, Catherine the Great of Russia, Hatshepsuth of Egypt, and Hildegard of Bingen. I’d be happy to submit them.
  6. dostroyer said: yes yes yesyes!
  7. shaking-my-confidence said: this sounds awesome! i love learning about kickass women past and present.
  8. aim2misbehave said: I guess it depends on your perspective of how “badass” female scientists are, but Ada Lovelace and Jocelyn Bell Burnell are two of my favorites, and of course there’s Marie Curie but there’s no arguing that she WAS badass :-)
  9. officialjinwoo said: I would love this.
  10. kendrapg said: I love this idea. You should do Helen Keller, please, I love her! Ooh, and Agnes MacPhail. <3
  11. aimezlhistoire said: That sounds like an awesome idea! Beate Uhse was an interesting woman. I posted about her before. She was a 20th century woman so I don’t know if that would be okay or not…
  12. motheatenmusicalbrocade said: awesome! :)
  13. lipsredasroses posted this