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Disney with a splash of Feminism!
I'm Lisa. I am a masters student in history who is a bit to obsessed with the Disney princesses. I am a staunch feminist and The Little Mermaid and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are my all time favorite films. I am interested in labor laws/politics, women's rights, US & British history, and Disney. This is also my personal blog.



Highest-grossing Disney films adjusted for inflation (x)

(Marvel movies not included)



New Video of the mine train running! Something to note in this video you can hear heigh ho, but also another song far off in the distance..THE SILLY SONG. Meaning that cottage is nice and show ready. 

Fools! Idiots! Imbeciles!


Tiana has to compete with a younger woman ;)

#GirlsCan: Women Empowerment | COVERGIRL: Girls can’t? Yes, they can. Rap, be funny, be off-the-wall, rock, be strong, run the show, make the world a little more easy, breezy and beautiful. (x)

Poe’s Law: That moment when a Fox Business commentator sounds just like a Disney villain.


Walt’s Original Three <3


Not gonna want to miss this one! Let It Go Elsa t-shirt and posters available on Teefury for a Limited Time today!

I’ve missed out on so many great tshirts, I sucked it up and bought it. My advisor hates this movie/Let it Go with a passion… I’m wearing it to class one night.